Motor Vehicles

Affected Parties

Undergrads in Residence

Policy Statement

Student Vehicles

Any student who plans to bring a motorized vehicle to campus must register the vehicle with the College Parking Office and is subject to the regulations promulgated by that office.

New Hampshire law does not allow the operation of a motorized vehicle on sidewalks. As a result, automobiles, motorcycles and mopeds may not be operated on sidewalks.

Due to insurance regulations, mopeds and motorcycles may not be parked or stored adjacent to or within any College residence. Should you desire to operate a moped or motorcycle on campus, please consult with the Parking Office as to where you may safely park or store such a vehicle.

Mopeds or motorcycles parked or stored adjacent to any College Residence in areas not designated are subject to being removed and impounded at the owner's expense.

Driving on Office Business

Any staff member driving a vehicle on College-related business, whether in his or her own vehicle or another, must receive approval from the Office of Integrated Risk Management and Insurance (ORMI). This policy applies to all staff and students.

To become an approved driver, the staff member must complete an application and submit it to ORMI, which will check the employee’s driving record before providing the employee with a password to access a mandatory online driver safety course. 

Effective Date

July 1, 2015

Office of Primary Responsibility