Accessibility at Residential Events

Affected Parties

Undergrads in Residence

Policy Statement

Dartmouth College seeks to ensure that students with disabilities have appropriate access to events hosted in the residence halls, regardless of sponsor. The Office of Residential Life is committed to this goal and is available to work with any event sponsor or student.

There are two types of events hosted in residence halls.

  • Closed events are only open to residents of a given community. To request accommodations for these events, please refer to the Office of Residential Life Statement on Diversity as well as in pre-event publicity for these events.
  • Open events are open to the Dartmouth community or the general public. To request accommodations for these events, please contact the Assistant Directors of Residential Education.


The College employs a variety of ways to provide accessibility to residence hall events. Some methods of accommodation include provision of auxiliary aids and services, technology, personal assistance or, where programs or activities initially are scheduled in physically inaccessible locations, by relocation.

Whenever feasible, events should be scheduled in accessible locations in the first instance. In the case of events in the residence halls that are open to the Dartmouth community or the general public, it is important that the sponsors of events plan ahead. In advance of selecting a particular venue, event sponsors should contact the Office of Residential Life for information concerning the accessibility of the proposed venue and to make arrangements for participants with disabilities.


Dartmouth has resources that can provide guidance as to how to plan events to maximize the opportunities for participation by persons with disabilities, including how to respond to requests for accommodations, such as requests for relocation, for interpreters, or for other forms of accommodation. For events in the residence halls, the Assistant Directors for Residential Education serves as the point person for these resources.

Requests for Accommodation/Relocation

Individuals seeking accommodations in order to participate in events hosted in the residence halls are encouraged to provide as much advance notice as possible, but in any event, a minimum of two weeks advance notice, so that there is sufficient time to provide accommodations or relocate an event.


Pre-event publicity, whether by flyer, website, or other means, must include information on how potential participants may request accommodations. The following is a suggested statement for use in pre-event publicity for events in the residence halls open to the Dartmouth community or general public.

If you need accommodations or have questions about the accessibility of an event, please contact the Assistant Director of Residential Education at (603) 646-1491 or

Effective Date

July 1, 2015

Last Revised Date

October 23, 2016

Office of Primary Responsibility