Egress Areas

  • Hallways, exits, exterior stairs and fire escapes must be free of obstruction at all times. 
  • No shoes or any other personal items may be left in hallways.
  • Stairs & hallways need to be vacuumed regularly.

Fire Drills & False Alarms

  • Drills will be conducted on certain days between 6 PM and 10 PM.
  • We will set off the alarm then check all exit doors, hallways, exit lights, strobes/horns, sprinkler systems, etc.
  • We will look in resident rooms that have fire exits through them. The basements need to be clean.
  • Everyone must leave the house even when there is a false alarm!
  • There will be a $100 fine per person if you do not comply.

False Alarms

  • Call the Hanover Fire Department at 643-3424 to let them know it’s a false alarm, then leave the building.
  • You are allowed three false alarms per year; after that, the house will be fined $100 per event by the Town of Hanover.
  • Privately owned houses may call Work Control at 646-2508 to have fire extinguishers refilled.
  • The use of foggers that results in alarm activation will result in a $100 fine.
  • College-owned house fireplaces are non-operable.

Fire Safety and Health (FiSH) Inspection Schedule

Inspections are held the week prior to Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Green Key, etc.

  • Monday AM: The Tabard, Alpha Theta, Gamma Delta Chi
  • Monday PM: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Phi Delta Alpha, Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Tuesday AM: Chi Delta, Kappa Delta, Epsilon Kappa Theta
  • Tuesday PM: Sigma Nu, Theta Delta Chi, Alpha Xi Delta
  • Wednesday AM: Chi Gamma Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sigma Delta
  • Wednesday PM: Bones Gate, Beta Alpha Omega, Alpha Phi
  • Thursday AM: Psi Upsilon, Phi Tau
  • Thursday PM: Chi Heorot, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Alpha Chi Alpha
  • Friday AM: Panarchy. Amarna, Zeta Psi