Incoming & Prospective Students

Dartmouth College welcomes your interest in pursuing your studies here! Student Accessibility Services is available to answer questions about services, campus accessibility, and other disability-related information. 

General Advice for Prospective Students

First, consider colleges and universities based on characteristics other than disability-related services. Determine the things in a college or university that are important to you, perhaps the academic rigor, available fields of study, environment, extra-curricular or co-curricular activities, and the like.

You should expect accessible environments and disability-related services at any U.S. college or school. Services can vary among colleges and universities, but most students will make the best choices based on what types of schools are best for them, perhaps narrowing them down to a "short list," and then exploring what and how disability-related services and adjustments are available.

The academic support Dartmouth provides for its students with disabilities is the same as for any other student. Academic counseling, the Academic Skills Center, the Tutor Clearinghouse, and study groups are open to all students. A reduced course load is possible depending on substantiating, disability-related documentation.

Academic terms are intense, lasting ten weeks, during which most students take three courses. Courses are faster-paced than those at a semester system. The reading and study demands each day can be considerable.

Dartmouth offers an Integrated Academic Support program for first-year students who require assistance improving their Math and English skills.

Dartmouth has a second-language requirement. Our experience is that students who come to Dartmouth aware of their disabilities have developed ways to compensate for their difficulties with specific learning and/or content areas. However, students whose disabilities make it prohibitively difficult to master languages in the manner and pace they are taught at Dartmouth may petition for a waiver of the language requirement.

We generally do not review documentation or commit which specific services may be available before you are admitted to Dartmouth.