Upload Exams

In order to upload exams, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Log in to A11y

Log in to A11y and click the "Continue to View Student Accommodations" button.


Screenshot showing the "Continue to View Student Accommodations" button at the bottom of a light yellow "REMINDERS" box.

Step 2 - Navigate to Alternative Testing

Select "Alternative Testing" from the Views & Tools Menu on the left side of the screen.


Screenshot of the left column menu in A11y, showing the "Alternative Testing" link within the "Views and Tools" menu

Step 3 - Select "Upload File to Exams"

In the yellow "STEP 1 - SELECT ACTION" box, select "Upload File to Exams(s)"


Screenshot showing step 1 of uploading an exam

Step 4 - Check the Checkboxes for Students Taking That Exam

Check the checkbox next to all applicable students who will be taking the exam that you are uploading


Screenshot showing step 2 - clicking the checkbox next to each student who will be taking an exam

Step 5 - Click "Confirm Your Selections"

In the yellow "STEP 3 - CONFIRMATION" box, click the "Confirm Your Selections" button


screenshot showing the "confirm your selections" button

Step 6 - Upload the Exam File

Upload the exam file to the "Select File:" box, then click the "Upload Exam" button

Screenshot showing field and button to upload exams

Reminder: The A11y Testing team appreciates when exams are uploaded at least a day before the exam