Permission to Audio-Record

Some students are approved to use audio recordings to supplement their notetaking efforts. In addition, certain notetaking technologies require a student to make a recording themselves to access all support features.


Instructors will receive individualized emails about a student's accommodations or can find a list of all students with accommodations in their classes in A11y.

Students utilizing this permission to audio-record are expected to discuss this with their instructors before recording, as early in the term as possible. Students approved for a recording accommodation must sign each quarter to indicate their agreement with our fair-use policy, which includes, among other terms, that these recordings are for their personal use only and aren't to be shared or distributed. Should instructors or staff have questions or concerns about the use of audio recording in lectures via laptops, microphones, tablets/phones, etc., please email Student Accessibility Services or call (603) 646-9900.

Classroom accommodations are determined through the interactive process by SAS. A non-disabled student does not give consent or otherwise have a role to play in determining whether a disabled student's accommodation can be used in the class. With regard to respecting the privacy concerns, or as a matter of general practice, however, SAS may inform a student that class recordings that result from an accommodation must be destroyed at the end of the term. Questions related to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) are considered in an analysis that is distinct from the accommodations analysis, and we endeavor to be in compliance with all of the laws that relate to classroom accommodations and FERPA.

The SAS office can provide these Assistive Technology (AT) tools for students, and common ones include Glean by Sonocent, Sonocent Audio Notetaker, and Livescribe smartpens.


Glean by Sonocent, a web-based notetaking program that allows for the user to sync audio with their notes and/or lecture slides. Their notes and reactions appear in an easy-to-follow timeline style. Glean works on- or offline, and syncs continually. We monitor usage of and access to this program through assigning a student a license each term that it is needed.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a software that we provide licensed access to for approved students each term. When provided access to your lecture slides, Sonocent allows a user to sync recorded audio with their own typed notes. This program can allow for auditory review, visual review, or a combination of the two, and can be further tailored for personal study needs.


We offer a variety of smartpens made by Livescribe to students approved for recording audio during lecture as an accommodation. These pens require special ink and notebooks, and allow for students to sync audio to their handwritten notes. After class, students can pin-point where they would like to review or expand their notes by tapping on the handwritten notes for corresponding audio playback.

Our Auxiliary Services staff would be happy to briefly demonstrate these tools to instructors via Zoom, please email Notetaking to schedule.