Notetaking Permission to Audio Record


Instructors may have concerns about copyright laws, but must allow for the student to utilize SAS-authorized adjustment until an agreement can be reached, provided that the student has shown this approved adjustment from the SAS office.

Instructors observe the right to ask students to not take notes/record certain class discussions, and must notify the whole class when this is occurring. Faculty may feel it is necessary to have these recordings destroyed after an appropriate length of time, i.e. after the final exam, and SAS is available to help with organizing an agreement between the student and the lecturer. SAS advises students to plan on destroying their recordings at the end of each term, and to have a documented agreement with the instructor whenever they wish to keep a recording beyond the end of the applicable term. Some time-limited exceptions apply, such as keeping recordings to precursor classes that may be needed for study in subsequent classes.

Instructors may ask to see the student’s Services and Consent Form or other appropriate documentation if it has not been produced by the student prior to the recording.

Should instructors or staff have concerns about the use of audio recording in lectures via laptops, microphones, tablets/phones, etc., please contact Student Accessibility Services at (603) 646-9900. 

Student Use of Recording in Lectures


Students are responsible for identifying to the lecturer that they will be recording for their sole use of material as it pertains to independent study. Students working with our office will have a Services and Consent Form with the adjustment to audio record lectures.

By obtaining this adjustment, the student agrees to notify each professor, and stop recording when the content of the class should no longer be recorded. For example, a class discussion based on a sensitive topic where all students are asked to not take notes, the student can be asked to not record as well.

Students must understand that instructors may desire the recordings are to be destroyed after the class ends.  Students should assume this is the case, and only keep recordings with the instructor's documented permission.

Students are expected to use the material for their own studying and notetaking process, and are not to share the recordings with others.