Fair-Use Policy

Students approved by SAS to audio-record classes must electronically review and sign the following agreement each quarter that they request accommodations.

Fair-Use Policy for Class Notes, Images, and Audio-Recordings

Under Section 504, Subpart E, Postsecondary Education, of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, institutions of higher education must provide means of ensuring full participation in educational programs or activities for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations include allowing qualified students to audio-record to supplement class notes, take pictures of information displayed for the class, and/or receive copies of class notes from a peer. For the purpose of this document, "instructor" refers to faculty, lecturers, and guest speakers.

Instructors have the right to protect intellectual property and ensure that the use of audio recordings, images, or notes are for the sole use of the student as an accommodation. As such, the student must review and electronically sign the Fair-Use Agreement below each quarter when requesting accommodations.

Fair-Use Agreement

  • I understand that, because of accommodations approved by Dartmouth College for my disability, I may audio-record class lectures, discussions, lab sessions, and review sessions and take pictures of essential information, and/or be provided class notes for my personal study use only.
  • I understand that the audio recordings, images, and notes may not be used or released for any other purpose.
  • I understand that information contained in the recorded lectures, on images, or in class notes is protected under federal and international copyright legislation and may not be published, sold, released, or quoted without the instructor's explicit written consent and without properly identifying and crediting the instructor.
  • I understand that at the discretion of the instructor, audio-recording or taking pictures may be prohibited during portions of classes that involve personal discussion and self-disclosure.
  • I understand that violation of this agreement may make me subject to discipline under the Dartmouth College Academic Honor Principle or to liability under copyright laws and/or civil litigation.
  • I understand that I am required to delete audio recordings and images at the end of the term.