A11y Testing Center

Purpose & Mission

The A11y Testing Center is provided as a service by Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to College of Arts & Sciences faculty and students. The center exists to administer exams to undergraduate students with disabilities who are registered with SAS and approved for testing accommodations. Graduate and professional students' testing accommodations are generally administered by their faculty. These students can also inquire with the Disability Access Professional associated with their School.

A11y Testing Center and Database Overview

A11y now offers enhanced functionality to support alternative testing accommodations.  The database allows faculty to complete a short online form (the Alternative Testing Contract) to provide the details of the exam(s) for a course. A11y also requires students to schedule their own exams as opposed to faculty needing to coordinate the process. The system protects confidential information about the students while allowing more transparency and communication between the student, the instructor, and the SAS staff.

Students who are approved for testing-related accommodations and want to utilize the testing center can find more details and instructions in the Testing Center Guide for Students.

Faculty who wish to have the A11y Testing Center administer accommodated exams for their students may find step-by-step guidance in the Faculty Guide for the A11y Testing Center.

A11y Testing Center Hours

Monday:  8:00am-4:15pm

Tuesday:  8:00am-4:15pm

Wednesday:  8:00am-4:15pm (extended hours available until 7:00pm, please call ahead)

Thursday:  8:00am-4:15pm (extended hours available until 7:00pm, please call ahead)

Friday:  8:00am-4:15pm

All Scheduled Finals Days (including weekends): 8:00am-7:00pm