Note-Taking Apps

Microsoft OneNote

Price: Free

For iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking software developed by Microsoft, included in the Microsoft 365 suite. It has been freely accessible on all platforms outside the suite. OneNote collects users' notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries, allowing for easy sharing with other OneNote users over the Internet or a network. The software also supports downloading slides and note-taking, providing a variety of user-friendly tools.

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  • Free version available
  • Premium version priced at $9.99 per year

For iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS

GoodNotes is a versatile digital note-taking application compatible with all devices and supports seamless synchronization across them. Users can generate handwritten or typed notes, sketch diagrams, import and annotate PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and images. The app offers a variety of tools, making it user-friendly for drawing and note creation.



  • Free Version Available
  • Plus version priced at $14.99 per year

For iOS, Android, and Windows 10

Combining handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and note organization, this platform offers a seamless integration of various note-taking capabilities. The handwriting feature facilitates effortless annotation, with the added benefit of preventing unintended marks through a palm rest. Enjoy advanced word-processing capabilities and the ability to link audio recordings. Auto-syncing across devices ensures your notes are always up to date. The plus version also includes a Math Conversion feature for added functionality.