View Requested Accommodations

Step 1 - Log in to A11y

Log in to A11y and click the "Continue to View Student Accommodations" button.


Screenshot showing the "Continue to View Student Accommodations" button at the bottom of a light yellow "REMINDERS" box.

Step 2 - See Requests on the "Overview" Page

At the bottom of the resulting "Overview" page, you will find a table listing all accommodation requests submitted for your courses under "LIST OF STUDENTS WHO REQUESTED ACCOMMODATION."


screenshot of the page displaying a table with requested accommodation information

Step 3 (optional) - Export Student List to a Spreadsheet

To export a full list of students' accommodations to a spreadsheet, click the "Export Student Lists" button from the "Overview" or "Search Students' Eligibilities pages, and follow the on-screen prompts.


Screenshot showing where to click to export the student list to a spreadsheet