Administering Accommodated Exams

Administering exams for your students with accommodations

The most common adjustments for students with testing-related accommodations are:

  • Extra test time
  • Reduced-distraction testing environment
  • Breaks that do not count against test time
  • Use of a computer (e.g. word processing, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, enlarge print, braille)
  • Use of a calculator for those functions not being assessed

Faculty members will want to ensure that the circumstances of the exam being administered to an accommodated student are comparable to those taking the exam in the main classroom. For example, if an accommodated student is seated in a separate room, they must receive announcements, corrections, clarifications, etc. comparable to the other students taking the exam. They must also have the same opportunity to consult the instructor to ask questions.

In addition, guidance is available for accommodating SAS Students for Canvas Exams/Quizzes.

Working with the A11y/SAS Testing Center

Our A11y database now offers enhanced functionality to support alternative testing accommodations. When working with the A11y/SAS Testing Center, this database allows faculty to complete a short online form (Alternative Testing Contract) to provide the details of the exam(s) for a course. The A11y database also requires students to schedule their own exams as opposed to faculty needing to coordinate the process. The system protects confidential information about the students while allowing more transparency and communication between the student, the instructor, and the SAS staff.

If a student has approved testing-related accommodations in your class that they wish to utilize and you are requesting assistance from the Testing Center to administer their exams, an overview of the process is provided below: