Administering Accommodated Exams

We are pleased to be working with faculty in our newly renovated Testing Center!

Administering exams for your students with accommodations

The most common adjustments for students with testing-related accommodations are:

  • Extra test time
  • Reduced-distraction testing environment
  • Breaks that do not count against test time
  • Use of a computer (e.g. word processing, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, enlarge print, braille)
  • Use of a calculator for those functions not being assessed

Faculty members will want to ensure that the circumstances of the exam being administered to an accommodated student are comparable to those taking the exam in the main classroom. For example, if an accommodated student is seated in a separate room, they must receive announcements, corrections, clarifications, etc. comparable to the other students taking the exam. They must also have the same opportunity to consult the instructor to ask questions.

In addition, guidance is available for accommodating SAS Students for Canvas Exams/Quizzes.

Alternative Testing Contract

Working with the A11y Testing Center

Our A11y database now offers enhanced functionality to support alternative testing accommodations. This database allows faculty to complete an online form (Alternative Testing Contract) when seeking the Testing Center's assistance and requires students to schedule their own exams as opposed to faculty needing to coordinate the process. The system protects confidential information about the students while allowing more transparency and communication between the student, the instructor, and the SAS staff.

If a student has approved testing-related accommodations in your class that they wish to utilize and you are requesting assistance from the Testing Center to administer their exams, an overview of the process is provided below:

1. Accommodation Email Sent by SAS

Using the A11y Student Portal, students will request letters for their faculty, which must be approved and sent by SAS, outlining that they will be using their approved accommodations in a course that term. If a student is approved for testing accommodations, there will be a link to the Alternative Testing Contract inside a red box that appears in the student's accommodation email.

Please remember that the information in this email is confidential and not to be discussed in front of others in the classroom. Also know that students are not required to discuss the nature of their disability with faculty, classmates, or any staff outside of the SAS office.

2. Faculty Complete Alternative Testing Contract

Plesae use the link in the red box (or login via the a11y faculty portal) to indicate if your course does not have exams or if you will administer your own accommodated exams. If you would like the Testing Center to assist with administering your accommodated exams, complete the brief Alternative Testing Contract to provide the Testing Center instructions for how your exam should be administered.

You will only need to fill out one contract per course/section each term. The contract will be applied to all accommodated students in your course. If you are teaching different sections of the same course, you will be able to copy your contract to that section as well.

3. Students Schedule Their Exams

Using the A11y Student Portal, students will be able to log in and schedule their own exams for your classes. You will be sent notifications during this process and can contact the Testing Center at any time if you have questions or concerns. Students must schedule exams themselves--you cannot do it for them.

4. Faculty Provide a Copy of Your Exam

You will provide a copy of your exam to the Testing Center at least 24 hours prior to the date of the scheduled exam. You will need to bring a hard copy to the A11y Testing Center this term, but know that we will be offering an upload option in the Fall. For your convenience, we have a drop-box installed outside the Testing Center entrance to allow you to drop off exams at any time.

5. Faculty Collect Completed Exams

You will be sent an email notification when your student (or students) have completed their exams. You will be able to come and collect your exams at the Testing Center. You will need to sign a sheet in our office confirming you have received all of your completed exams.