A11Y Database & Accommodation Emails

Accommodation Emails vs. Printouts

SAS' faculty and student database, "A11y" (which can be pronounced "Ally" as in partner), allows SAS to send accommodation emails, specific to your course, for each student requesting accommodations. Students must still request accommodations through a11y themselves, and we continue to instruct them to follow up with you to work out any logistics. If you receive an accommodation email without subsequent follow-up from a student, you are welcome to follow up with them.

If a student shares a Services & Consent pdf or paper form with you, please refer them to SAS to learn the new process. SAS has adopted this database and updated procedures to save everyone time and make us more available to students and to you. Please also review our interactive process page for a description of how we will sometimes work together.

If you're curious, "A11y" is an abbreivation for "accessibility," as there are 11 letters between its "a" and "y." Techies often pronounce the abbreviation "a-one-one-y," which you're welcome to do as well.