Testing Center

We welcome any questions you have about the A11y Testing Center and encourage you to contact us at testing.center@dartmouth.edu or 603-646-6520.

A11y Testing Center Hours

Monday through Friday -  8:00am-4:30pm

Finals: Monday through Friday plus Weekends 8:00am-7:00pm

If you have an evening exam and hope the A11y/SAS Testing Center can remain open till 7PM prior to its extended hours during finals, please provide the Testing Center as much notice as possible about your exam dates. We will try to honor as many requets as staffing allows.

A11y Testing Center Contact Information

  • Email: testing.center@dartmouth.edu
  • Phone: (603) 646-6520 (Melanie Morel, Assistive Technology Manager & Acting Testing Center Coordinator)
  • Location:  Baker-Berry Library, L-33

Purpose & Mission

The A11y Testing Center is provided as a service by Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to College of Arts & Sciences faculty and students. The center exists to administer exams to undergraduate students with disabilities who are registered with SAS and approved for testing accommodations. Graduate and professional students' testing accommodations are generally administered by their faculty. These students can also inquire with the Disability Access Professional associated with their School.

Faculty Overview

After receiving a faculty accommodation emaill from SAS that a student will be using their approved testing accommodations for a class, faculty should complete and submit the brief Alternative Testing Contract link inside the red box of a student's accommodation email. Faculty can also submit it via the A11y Instructor Dashboard, under the Alternative Testing tab. Submitting the contract serves to notify SAS if faculty will administer the accommodated exam or to provide instructions if they would like SAS to adminster the exam for them. More detailed guidance is provided on our Administering Accommodated Exams page.

Testing Center staff are happy to walk faculty through the Alternative Testing Contract via Zoom, which usually takes a few minutes. Please call 603-646-6520 or email testing.center@dartmouth.edu for this purpose. Guided directions on using the A11y Faculty Portal are also available.

Student Overview

The A11y Testing Center encourages students to submit exam requests at least 3 weekdays prior to the scheduled classroom exam. Students must schedule their own exams through the A11y database when the class is scheduled to take it or at times approved in advance by the professor.

Our Scheduling Exams page provides additional important details. Late exam requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.