Testing Center

The A11y Testing Center is open for the academic year. We welcome any questions you have about the A11y Testing Center and encourage you to contact us at testing.center@dartmouth.edu.

Fall 2021 Testing Hours

Monday to Friday, 8:00am-4:15pm

Finals: Monday to Saturday, 8:00am-7:00pm

A11y Testing Center Contact Information

  • Email: testing.center@dartmouth.edu
  • Phone: (603) 646-6520 (Jenny Lee, Testing Center Coordinator)
  • Location:  Baker-Berry Library, sub-basement, suite L-33

Purpose & Mission

The A11y Testing Center is provided as a supplemental service to Dartmouth College faculty. The mission of the center is to assist faculty by administering exams to students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and approved for testing accommodations for the current term. Exams may only be scheduled during the center's posted hours of operation.

Student Overview

The A11y Testing Center encourages students to submit exam requests at least 7 business days (Monday-Friday, 8am-4:15pm) prior to the scheduled classroom exam. An additional business day will be added to exam requests submitted after 4:30pm or during the weekend. Students must schedule their own exams through the A11y database; faculty cannot schedule for students.

Our Scheduling Exams page provides additional, important details. Please be aware that late exam requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the availability of seating and staff.

Faculty Overview

After receiving a Faculty Notification Email from SAS to alert you that a student will be using their approved testing accommodations for your class, please complete and submit the brief Alternative Testing Contract link inside the red box of a student's accommodation email. You can also submit it via the A11y Instructor Dashboard, under the Alternative Testing tab. Submitting the contract serves to notify SAS if you will administer the accommodated exam or to provide instructions if you would like SAS to adminster the exam for you. More detailed guidance is provided on our Administering Accommodated Exams page.

If you have multiple SAS students with testing accommodations in the same class and section, the contract will automatically copy to the other students. Any subsequent Faculty Notification Letters will not include an Alternative Testing Contract link if one has already been completed for another student in that section.

If you have multiple students in the same class but in different sections, you can fill out a contract for one section and manually copy it to another. This feature can be managed under the Alternative Testing tab of the A11y Instructor Dashboard. To view your dashboard, manage your Alternative Testing Contracts, and view your exam requests, please log in to the A11y Faculty Portal.

Guided directions on using the A11y Faculty Portal are also available.