Directions to the Testing Center

The testing center is located in Berry L33.  Find directions from several common points in the library below.

From the Baker Information Desk or Berry Circulation Desk

  1. Walk down the Berry main hall until you see an elevator on your left
  2. Turn left at the elevator and head to the stairwell entrance on your right
  3. Walk down the stairs (2 floors) and walk through the doorway
  4. Look to your right and you will see the door to the A11y testing Center (L33)

From the Carson Main Entrance

  1. Enter Carson Hall through the door on N. Main Street
  2. Turn right and go down the stairs (1 floor, 4 flights of stairs) to the lower level 
  3. Walk straight down the hall and you will see the A11y Testing Center straight ahead at the end of the hall.

From the Elevator in the Lobby of the Undergraduate Dean's Suite

  1. If you are standing in the lobby of the Undergraudate Dean's Suite (Carson 125) and facing the big yellow front desk, behind you on the far side of the lobby is an elevator.
  2. Enter the elevator and press the 'LL' Button
  3. Step out of the elevator, look to your right, and you'll see the A11y Testing Center door.