Downloading Notes

Students who are eligible for peer notetaking services can download their class notes through A11y.  Here's how:

Step 2

  • Locate the vertical menu on the left side of the webpage
  • Look under "My Accommodations" and click on "Notetaking Services"


image of the left sidebar pointing to the link for "Notetaking Services"

Step 3

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a list of classes for which you've requested a peer notetaker (you can see here if we've hired a notetaker or are still in the process)
  • Once a notetaker is hired, trained, and has posted notes, you will see the gray bar appear.  You can click on the gray bar to view and download notes


Image of a page listing classes, with a gray "Available Note(s) for Download (Click to Expand)" button for each class that notes are available in