Notetaking Technology Options

We offer a variety of technology options, such as Glean, Glean's Audio Notetaker, and smartpens by Livescribe.

When utilizing these tools, please discuss the use of recording during your course with your instructor(s), including in the remote format, prior to recording. We can provide the Fair Use Agreement for you and your professor to review and sign, as well as discuss any questions or concerns about recording class content.


Glean is a web-based notetaking program that allows for the user to sync audio with their notes and/or lecture slides. Notes and reactions appear in an easy to follow time-line style. This is a web-based program that works on or off-line, and syncs continually. 

Glean's Audio Notetaker

Audio Notetaker is a software program that we provide licensed access to for approved students. This software allows for a user to sync recorded audio, provided lecture slides, and their own typed notes. This program can allow for auditory review, visual review, or a combination of the two, and can be tailored for your personal study needs.


We offer a variety of smartpens made by Livescribe to students approved for recording audio during lecture as an accommodation. These pens require special ink and notebooks, and allow for you to sync audio to your handwritten notes. After class, you can pin-point where you would like to review the audio by tapping on your handwritten notes in your notebook.