Submitting Late Exam Requests

Step 2 - Navigate to Alternative Testing

From the "My Accommodations" menu on the left, select "Alternative Testing"


image showing the "My Accommodations" menu (a box with a green header and light gray background) with the Alternative Testing link highlighted.

Step 3 - Select the Class

Select the class from the dropdown menu, and click the "Schedule an Exam" button.

Review and Agree to the A11y Testing Center Terms & Conditions if prompted to do so.


screenshot showing the drop down menu to select a class from

Step 4 - Enter Exam Details

Enter the requested details, including the following for late exams:

  1. Toggle the "Reason" field to "Other"
  2. In the notes, explain why you were unable to schedule your exams within the allotted time frame

Step 5 - Submit the Request

Click the "Submit Late Request" button to submit the request