Scheduling Exams

To schedule exams at the A11y Testing Center, you must use the A11y Student Portal. Please schedule your exams a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the exam date. (Note: Finals should be scheduled five (5) business days in advance.)

Step 1:

Log in to A11y,  and select"Alternative Testing" from the "My Accommodations" menu on the left of the screen


In the lower left navigation bar, scroll down to "My Accommodations", and select "Alternative Testing"

Step 2:

Select the class that you want to schedule your exam in, and select "Schedule an Exam"


From the drop-down menu, choose the class you want to schedule an exam for. Select the "Schedule an Exam" button. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of requesting an exam in the A11y Testing Center.

Step 3:

Enter your exam date and time.  Add exam request.

Note: Professors need to give permission to take exams at another time or date than regularly scheduled exam times.


Choose your exam type in the "Request Type" drop-down menu. Next, enter the date and time. Then select the accommodations that you are approved for, as well as any additional notes. Lastly, select the "Add Exam Request" button.

What Happens Next?

An email verification will be generated confirming the scheduled test time and date. Professors have the right to dispute any times and dates that do not correspond with their scheduled exam time and date. If that is the case testing staff will work with the faculty and student to come up with an agreeable solution.