Submitting Late Exam Requests

If you receive a late exam notice, you must complete the process of scheduling your exam, and any of the items below that appear in the "Late Exam Request" field. Step-by-step instructions for submitting late exam requests can be found below.

Most importantly, however, do not stress. Regardless of the lateness of your request, we will work with you to ensure you have a seat with us. In the event that we are short on available space, we will work with you and your professor to ensure that your needs will be met.

Step 2 - Navigate to Alternative Testing

From the "My Accommodations" menu on the left, select "Alternative Testing"


image showing the "My Accommodations" menu (a box with a green header and light gray background) with the Alternative Testing link highlighted.

Step 3 - Select the Class

Select the class from the dropdown menu, and click the "Schedule an Exam" button.

Review and Agree to the A11y Testing Center Terms & Conditions if prompted to do so.


screenshot showing the drop down menu to select a class from

Step 4 - Enter Exam Details

Enter the requested details, including the following for late exams:

  1. Toggle the "Reason" field to "Other"
  2. In the notes, explain why you were unable to schedule your exams within the allotted time frame

Step 5 - Submit the Request

Click the "Submit Late Request" button to submit the request