Testing Center

The SAS Testing Center is currently under renovation and is closed for Fall term 2020. Please contact your instructor directly to discuss your testing accommodations.

Feel free to reach out to SAS directly with any questions.

About the Testing Center

The Testing Center exists to support students with disabilities and their instructors in ensuring that the reasonable accommodations approved by Student Accessibility Services are met.

Please know that the Testing Center will be restructuring its processes in the near future to allow students to schedule their testing needs online.   Please stay-tuned for these exciting changes.


The Testing Center is located in the basement of Baker-Berry Library in Suite L-33.  

Hours of Operation

Regular Term Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am-4:00pm

Finals: Mon-Fri and weekends:  8:00am-7:00pm

Testing Center Facts for Students

  • Please contact your instructors as soon as possible to alert them of your disability-related testing needs.   They need time to schedule these arrangements.   If your instructors are not given enough notice, there may be no spaces available in the testing center on your needed day and time.
  • Bring a picture ID.  You cannot be seated without one.   Bring all items you will need for the exam.   Bring some light snacks and drinks if you'd like.
  • You must report to the Testing Center 15 minutes prior to the start of your exam.  Late arrivals will be asked to remain in the waiting room until they can be seated.   You will not be given a later exam end time if you begin your exam late.
  • You may have all items related to taking the exam.   You may not have personal items, backpacks or cellphones.  These times must be stored outside the testing room.
  • Calculators and other test-taking supplies must be provided by you or by your instructor.
  • If you arrive late, you may be seated but will not be provided extra time.  Seats are booked for other exams.
  • End times are fixed by your instructor and in conjunction with your SAS paperwork.  The Testing Center staff cannot alter these times.  You must turn your exam in at the established end time.  You are encouraged to make an appointment with SAS if you feel you need to discuss this matter for future exams.

Testing Center Policies & Procedures

Because many students use the Testing Center, your behavior and adherence to Testing Center policies and procedures impacts your peers as well. The following policies and procedures were therefore developed in line with Dartmouth's Standards of Conduct as well as its Principle of Community.


No loud talking in the testing center area.   Please be courteous when entering or leaving a testing space in which others are testing.


If you are ill, please contact your professor to reschedule your exam.   Coughing and other sickness symptoms can be a health risk and distraction to others taking exams.


Light snacks and drinks only, please.  Strong-smelling foods and noisy bags can be a distraction to others.  Please clean up the area and remove any trash before leaving.    

Exam behaviors

Remember, showing up late, asking to discuss alternative accommodations, refusing to turn in an exam, and other such behaviors violate conduct and/or community standards.

Academic Honor Principle

As with any exam taken at Dartmouth, rules of academic integrity apply, and any student suspected of a violation will be reported to their instructor.

Testing Accommodation Information for Faculty