Off-Campus Program Accommodations


Dartmouth students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services are typically eligible for accommodations in their domestic and international off-campus programs. Accommodations may differ slightly from those a student is accustomed to in their standard Dartmouth courses, however, based on the specific program requirements and/or the location of the program.

For example, a program may include an internship where extended time on tests would not translate to additional time on work assignments. It is also noteworthy that international institutions are not governed by the ADA and Section 504.

Incoming disabled exchange students to Dartmouth are also typically eligible for accommodations while they are at Dartmouth, though these accommodations may be slightly different from what they are accustomed to at their home institution. Please see the "Incoming (non-Dartmouth) Exchange Students" section below for more information.

Getting Started

Plan ahead, especially if you have medication or other health considerations that may impact your housing needs or be complicated by differing laws/regulations or access to local medical care. It typically also takes time to complete the process of applying for and establishing accommodations in another setting.

We encourage you to share any approved accommodations on the Guarini Institute's confidential health form and to contact SAS to discuss accommodations in your off-campus program. Although you have the right to provide notification of your disability and request accommodations at any time during your program, it is better to have accommodations in place and not need them than to try to put them in place after there is a concern. Moreover, it often takes additional time to determine how your accommodations may or may not be met in an off-campus location.

It is your responsibility to notify your SAS advisor about your upcoming program, highlighting its location, start and end dates, and any accommodation concerns you may have. SAS can help coordinate your needs with Guarini Institute staff, who can provide valuable input on accommodation-related questions.

Visit Guarini's Additional Resources page for more information.

Dartmouth Students on Outgoing Exchange Programs

SAS students seeking accommodations will need to follow the policies and procedures set forth by the host institution's accessibility services representative/office. After you declare your disability on the confidential health form, Guarini Institute staff will identify and share with you the appropriate contact information. You will then need to do outreach to the representative/office to learn about their accommodation process and what documentation is required for accommodations.

If the host institution's accessibility representative/office requires verification of your Dartmouth accommodations, please contact your SAS Advisor to request this information. For any disability- or accommodation-related concern in your program, you should immediately follow up with your host institution's accessibility representative/office. If you are experiencing concerns with the host representative/office, please also contact the Guarini Institute.

Dartmouth Students on Faculty-Led Programs

Following the recommended deadlines below (which align with Guarini Institute deadlines), Dartmouth students registered with SAS should contact their SAS Advisor in advance to request an early accommodation email for their courses. This accommodation email will be directed to Guarini Institute staff, as they will work with students, faculty, and local program disability liaisons (and, SAS, if necessary) to assist with the process of procuring and implementing your accommodations.

If, in the course of your program, you are experiencing disability- or accommodation-related concerns, please contact SAS immediately.

It is advised that students begin outreach associated with any accommodation requests as soon as they have been admitted to a program. However, at a minimum, these requests should be received no later than the following dates associated with each term:

  • Fall term programs: June 1
  • Winter term programs: October 1
  • Spring term programs: January 1
  • Summer term programs: April 1

Incoming (non-Dartmouth) Exchange Students

Please apply for services and submit documentation in support of your accommodation requests. Especially if you enroll at Dartmouth for fewer than three quarters, it's likely that the only documentation you'll need to submit is verification of the accommodations that you receive at your home institution.

Once registered with SAS, you will need to request accommodation emails at the beginning of each quarter (no later than the end of week 2 is recommended) for every course in which you may utilize accommodations. SAS will work with you and your faculty, if needed, to assist with accommodation implementation. Please contact the SAS office or your SAS advisor immediately if you have any disability- or accommodation-related concerns.