Requesting Accommodations

Text-Only Instructions

We recommend that you request accommodation emails by the end of week 2 each quarter. Since reasonable notice of accommodations is required, accommodation requests after week 8 may not be actionable until the following quarter.

1. Login to You'll need to use single sign-on to login.

2. Your dashboard will say "No accommodation requests found." Don't worry, as this is because you have not yet requested accommodation emails for your courses. (If you have an accommodation such as permission to record that requires you to sign an e-form agreement, you will be prompted to agree before requesting.)

3. Scroll down the page where you will see a yellow box with your courses listed. You can click the box next to each course for which you want to select accommodations, and then click "Step 2- Continue to customize your accommodations." (Most students will want an accommodation email for each of their courses/instructors; however, if you only have testing accommodations, for instance, you might decide not to request an accommodation email in a course that has no exams.

4. Next, select which accommodations you want in each course. For your convenience, selecting the "Alternative Testing" box selects all of your testing accommodations. (However, all of your specific testing accommodations will appear in your accommodation emails). If approved for a note-taker, you'll just select the "Notetaking Assistance" box.

5. Click to submit your accommodation requests. You should get a green checkmark at the top of the page along with a confirmation that says your request was successful.

After SAS reviews your accommodation requests, we will approve and then email them to your instructors, or we will reach out if we need anything from you. You will receive emails (or you can set up SMS/text notifications) to alert you when they are approved and sent to your instructors. You can also login to A11y and look in "My Mailbox" to see exactly what was sent to your instructors when.