Learning at Dartmouth

FALL 2023: College 101

Learning at Dartmouth: College 101 is a wellness-credit course for first year students and new transfer students. Weekly panels feature student, staff, and faculty voices as they discuss valuable campus resources and how to build meaningful connections with those who support them inside and outside the classroom. Weekly Skills Labs offers hands-on engagement with critical time-management, study, and wellness skills.

  • Class Format: Seminar + Skills Lab | 45 Spots 
  • Topics: Dartmouth's vast resource network and process-based strategies, like time management, to balance the college's rigorous pace
  • Open to new and first year transfer students
  • Register first week of Fall 2023 
  • Classes begin Tuesday, September 19, 2023 @ 4:30 p.m in Carson Hall 060

To register: 

  1. Open Darthub
  2. Select Course Election and Registration
  3. Click select on the button for that term's Add/Drop
  4. Click the course search button
  5. Click the button that says  "physical education"
  6. Click the button that says 
    "all departments" and then select the button to search for courses
  7. Scroll down the page until you see Learning at Dartmouth
  8. Tick the check box for your desired course section 
  9. Once the checkbox is ticked, scroll down the page and click the button that says "Add Courses to Worksheet"
  10. Click the button that says "Submit Changes"