About the Peer Tutoring Program

Peer Tutoring Program

Group tutoring consists of up to five students, in addition to a group tutor, and meets weekly for 1.5 hour tutorial sessions. Group tutoring is available for introductory courses that have historically experienced high tutoring demand. These courses are primarily within STEM and social science disciplines, and include introductory language courses (numbers 1-3). Other high-demand courses that fall outside this rubric will also be considered for group tutoring.

    Students can register for group tutoring throughout the term. Learn more about becoming a group tutor and how to register for group tutoring.

    Individual tutoring is very limited and is intended for students who demonstrate a specific need for individual tutorial support. Individual tutors meet with their tutees for one hour a week per course. Here is the application to request an individual tutor.

    Students who are approved for an individual tutor are also strongly encouraged to join a tutoring group.

    Tutoring sessions may entail:

    • Going over key concepts to help solidify understanding of the course material
    • Working through example or practice problems
    • Answering questions and reviewing course material

    Key Dates for 21F

    Group Tutoring Dates

    • Applications to be a group tutor are due September 13th 
    • Registration to participate in a tutoring group will begin September 23rd at 3:00 p.m. EST
    • Tutoring Groups will begin to meet as soon as Sunday, September 26th

    Individual Tutoring Dates

    • Applications to be an Individual Tutor will open on September 23rd and will be accepted on a rolling basis
    • Requests for an Individual Tutor can be made beginning October 1st
    • Requests for an Individual Tutor will begin to be reviewed October 4th and will continue to be reviewed through the remainder of the term


    Attendance Policy

    We expect that tutees will attend all of their tutoring sessions weekly throughout the term. Our attendance policy has been put into place because each tutoring group is a learning community. Within each community, it is important that every member participates regularly. Students who understand the material and students who have questions about the material both contribute to the overall learning within the group by sharing their perspectives. Each weekly session builds upon the previous sessions to create the collaborative learning environment. Consistency is an important component of your participation in group tutoring; please only register if you can make this commitment.

    Due to increased demand for tutoring, tutees are automatically dropped from their tutoring group(s) and tutor match(es) after two unexcused absences. 

    An unexcused absence is defined as an absence in which the tutee did not inform their tutor at least 24 hours in advance of a tutorial session that they will not be able to attend.

    A student on the wait list for a tutoring group will receive notification when there is a space available. We request confirmation that the student wants that space within 24 hours or we will contact the next person on the wait list, and the first student will be moved to the bottom of the wait list.

    Tutees, please be accountable for yourselves and communicate with your tutor(s) if you need to miss a session or if you are running late. If you still feel compelled to work with a tutor after being dropped from a tutoring group/match, you will be asked to re-register/re-apply and join a wait list. Thank you for helping us cultivate a sense of community in our tutoring groups.

    Recording Attendance

    Tutors will receive details upon hiring with specific instructions.

    Group tutors are expected to record attendance for every tutorial session.

    Peer Tutoring Program Drop-In Hours

    Peer Tutoring Program Drop-In Hours are designated for general inquiries (e.g., group tutoring offerings, how to register/request tutoring, student employment guidelines, using Kronos, etc.).

    Peer Tutoring Program Drop-In Hours are also an opportunity for both tutors and tutees to connect with the ASC staff and share their experiences (e.g., concerns, challenges, compliments).

    "Drop-In" Hours for Fall Term 2021:

    Please schedule a time to meet with us at your availability. 

    Looking for Support in an ENGL, CRWT, COLT, or WRIT course?

    The Peer Tutoring Program does not provide tutors for English & Creative Writing, Comparative Literature, or Writing courses. However, there are many other resources on campus to support you. See our Campus Resources page here.

    Specifically, the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT) is a good service to consider. RWIT is a free service dedicated to helping members of the Dartmouth community develop more effective strategies for generating and organizing their ideas, finding and evaluating research sources, and presenting and revising compositions in a variety of media. At RWIT, you can meet one-on-one with an undergraduate or graduate tutor to discuss a paper, research project, or multimedia assignment. Tutors use a facilitative, rather than directive, approach in engaging writers in an active dialogue about their work. Whether you are brainstorming, drafting, or polishing, RWIT tutors can provide feedback that will help you create final products of which you can be proud.

    Our Location

    The Academic Skills Center is conducting business online and in person in 224 Baker Library.

    Please plan to engage with us during our Peer Tutoring Program Drop-In Hours (see above) or email us at Peer.Tutoring.Program@dartmouth.edu. You can also call the Academic Skills Center office at (603) 646-2014 and leave a message (include your name, email address and/or phone number, and your inquiry). Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate individual for response.