Become an ART Tutor aka Individual Tutor


Academic Recovery Tutoring (ART) Tutors aka Individual Tutors must apply for the position every term. Your application does not carry over from term-to-term. 

The application to be an individual tutor opens the first week of the term and is accepted on a rolling basis.

Individual Tutors are hired on an AS-NEEDED basis. 


You may apply to work as an Individual Tutor and not be paired with a Tutee if we do not receive and approve a request for the course you can support.


To apply to work as an ART Tutor aka Individual Tutor a student must:

  • Have taken the specific course at Dartmouth
  • Have received at least an A- grade
  • AND/OR be recommended directly by the specific Course Faculty

If you would like to discuss your eligibility, please email 

Time Commitment

Individual tutors are expected to have in their schedule up to 2 hours per week available for each tutee (depending on individual tutee need).

~2 hours: 1 hour to meet with your tutee and up to 1 hour of preparation time that can be claimed

Rate of Pay

The Peer Tutoring Program pays its tutors $19.00/hour.

Haven't Been Matched?

If you have applied to be a tutor, but haven't received an email from us yet, it's because we haven't received any requests from students for tutors in that course. If you want to increase your chances of being matched, we encourage you to apply to be a tutor in a different course in which you have done well. Please email at any time if you would like more tutees, or for information on what courses we are experiencing a demand in.