Request an ART Tutor aka Individual Tutor

Request Review Timeline

Academic Recovery Tutoring is limited.

We strongly encourage students to engage with the academic resources that may already be built into the courses they are taking for example:

Students can request an individual tutor starting Monday of Week 2 and ending Friday of Week 7 of the term. 

Requests are reviewed Tuesday and Thursday mornings by a member of the Academic Skills Center staff.

Based on when the request is submitted, you can expect to receive a response within 3-5 business days notifying you if your request has been approved/not approved.

For requests that are approved, we will begin actively recruiting an individual tutor after we send you the notification. Please know that some courses may be challenging to recruit for and it is in your best interest to request an ART Tutor early. 

ART aka Individual Tutoring Request

Academic Recovery Tutoring aka Individual Tutoring is reserved for students who are in academic recovery. For example, a student may be considered in academic recovery if they are: 

  • Currently on an academic action (Risk, Warning Probation)
  • Requesting support in a course they withdrew from in a prior term
  • Working on raising their cumulative gpa to a 3.25
  • Returning from Time Away for Personal/Medical Reasons

Request an ART Tutor aka Individual Tutor.  (Closed for this term, will become available again Week 2 of the next term)

***First year students and transfer students in their FIRST term taking classes at Dartmouth can submit an ART request to be reviewed after attending an academic coaching session. 

A reminder that we typically do not provide individual tutoring for courses supported by Peer Tutoring.

Courses Supported by Peer Tutoring this term.


Additional Information:

Academic Recovery Tutoring aka Individual Tutoring is offered for students free of charge.

ART Tutors & Tutees meet for 1 hour of individual tutoring per week per course for the term.

The weekly day/time is determined by the ART Tutor & Tutee pair.

Attendance is required. It is also expected that the Tutee engages in all resources available for the course.