Become a Peer Tutor

Peer Tutors facilitate both small group and drop-in tutoring sessions.

Peer Tutor Qualifications

We prioritize recruiting tutors who have received an A/A- in the course and have taken the course with the current faculty member teaching it. However, we invite faculty members to submit tutor recommendations and students to apply to work as tutors even if they do not meet this criteria. We acknowledge that there is much more to being a good fit for the Peer Tutor role than just grades.

To apply to become a Peer Tutor, you will use the application below and not apply through the JobX system.

Peer Tutor applications do not roll over from one term to the next. All tutors must reapply every term. 

Peer Tutor Application Form

24X Peer Tutor Application Form

(requires login with DND information)

*Please make sure that you are applying for the accurate term. This form is updated each interim for the following term. 

Time Commitment & Compensation

Peer Tutoring is offered weekly on a set schedule (determined by the Peer Tutor) starting Week 2 of the term and ending on the last day of classes. Peer Tutors facilitate THREE weekly 1 hour sessions. Two of these sessions are small group tutoring sessions and one session is drop-in support. 

Peer Tutors facilitate a 1.5 to 2 hour Finals Review session during the reading period after the last day of classes and the beginning of final exams. 

Preparation time can be claimed for up to 1 hour per each 1 hour weekly tutorial session. 

Peer Tutors are also paid for training at the beginning of the term and ongoing training throughout the term. 

Peer Tutors are compensated at the following rate: $19.00/hr and track their hours worked by using the TimesheetX Electronic Timecard system.

On average, Peer Tutors work 6-7 hours per week.


Beginning of term training is mandatory for all tutors, new and returning.

Peer Tutors will receive an official hiring email from with details. 

Training typically takes place during the first two weeks of the term.