Register for Peer Tutoring

Key Dates for the Term

*Check back here the first day of classes for the current term's schedule*

Term: 24S

  • Peer Tutoring registration opens Friday, April 5th at 5:00pm and is ongoing.
  • Students can register throughout the term for any number of courses.
  • Peer Tutors facilitate three weekly course specific tutoring sessions: two small group tutoring sessions and one drop-in tutoring session.
  • Tutoring sessions meet on their assigned days/times starting Sunday, April 7th and ending on the last day of classes
  • Courses supported by Peer Tutoring typically hold Finals Review Sessions during the reading period open to all students.

Registration Instructions

  • Visit the Peer Tutoring Registration Site, follow the link posted on your course's Canvas page, or navigate to the Tutoring tile on DartHub. 
  • Login with your DND information, select the course for which you'd like to register, and select register.​ 
  • You will receive an automated email within 1 business day confirming your registration.

General Peer Tutoring Timeline

Registration goes Live: Registration for Peer Tutoring begins at the start of the term and is on a rolling basis -- you can register at any time.

Start & End for Peer Tutoring: Peer Tutoring sessions start meeting on their assigned days/times the second week of the term and end by the last day of classes.

Tutoring Location: For most terms, Peer Tutoring will begin on zoom with Peer Tutors having the option to transition in-person once we are able to reserve space on campus. Please log back into the Peer Tutoring Registration Site to check your tutoring location before each session. 

Finals Review Sessions: Courses supported by Peer Tutoring typically have a 1.5 hour to 2 hour Big Green FINALS Review Session on one of the two reading days between the last day of classes and the first day of the final exam period. For the current term schedule, check out our Finals Program offerings. 


Why Register?

Peer Tutoring through the Academic Skill Center's Peer Tutoring Program is available for students free of charge.

Students can register for tutoring throughout the term. There is no attendance policy, but we encourage students to attend as often as they can to truly maximize their learning.

Registration for tutoring is required so that Peer Tutors can update tutees about schedule changes, share resources as appropriate, and collect feedback for sessions.

Peer Tutors are also required to take attendance so that the Academic Skills Center can gauge program utilization and continued funding of the program.