About Peer Tutoring

Our goal is to provide more structural support for students specifically during their first and second year at Dartmouth to support their transition to college learning while they explore their academic interests and navigate a new environment.

Peer Tutoring is facilitated by trained student leaders who typically have received an A/A- in the course and have been recommended by the course instructor.

Peer Tutors hold three weekly 1 hour tutorial sessions. Two of these sessions are small group tutoring sessions and one session is drop-in tutoring support. 

By having both small group and drop-in tutoring options for these courses, we hope to capitalize on the strength of an active, collaborative pedagogical approach. 

What to expect from Peer Tutoring?

  • Meets three times a week; additional review sessions may be scheduled before an exam.
  • Attendance is voluntary because we know terms (and life) get busy. Sessions are scheduled on different days/times to accommodate as many schedules as possible.
  • Discussion of concepts, confusions, and insights into course material.
  • You and your peers determine the pace and the material that will be covered.
  • Support in organizing your thoughts, testing your understanding, and learning how to approach material.
  • Learning from multiple perspectives: Tutor, Peers, Self. 
  • Finals Review Session during reading period
What Students Say:

Why participate in Peer Tutoring?

"[I had an] alternate resource if I couldn't make office hours."

"[I] got my questions answered from a new point of view in a relaxed, convenient environment."

"[I] learned how others solved problems."

"I was able to get other examples for material that I didn't understand."

"[I spent time] listening to other people's questions (and sometimes being able to explain things to them myself)."

"[It] gave me an incentive to study and come prepared for Group Tutoring."

"I was able to ask my questions on a weekly basis."

"[I learned about] thinking critically."