Are you or your student group looking for more techniques and strategies for improving your academic learning? The Academic Skills Center can prepare a customized workshop for your student group by request.

Sample Workshop Topics

Improving Concentration, Memory, and Motivation

It is never too late in your academic career to review some general steps to academic success so that you can be better prepared for the term ahead. This workshop provides students with advice on learning strategies with a focus on how to study with improved concentration, memory, and motivation.

Assessing Your Learning Style

As you and your friends are trying to figure out how to maximize your academic success, an important step is assessing your learning style. The Academic Skills Center’s Assessing Your Learning Style workshop will help you determine your learning style and provide you with strategies to effectively learn based on that style.

Active Reading: Comprehension and Rate

If you are swamped with readings for all of your classes and frustrated with your reading speed or comprehension, you are not alone. This Learning Strategies workshop, based on the popular speed reading course, will help you understand reading as an activity and teach you to become a more efficient and effective reader.

Preparing for and Taking Exams and Tests

It always seems to be midterms period for Dartmouth students, so it is never too late to learn new test-taking and test preparation strategies. Make sure that you are preparing well for these assessments and know how to effectively take the test by participating in the Preparing and Taking Exams and Tests workshop.

Classes: Listening, Notetaking, Participation

Do you want to make the most of your classroom experience? This Learning Strategies workshop will give you tips on how to recall more information from your lectures through active listening and purposeful notetaking. Plus, learn about the importance of class participation!

Staying Healthy and Managing your Stress

The Academic Skills Center wants to make sure that you are staying healthy. Our Staying Healthy and Managing your Stress workshop is perfect for groups of students who are feeling overwhelmed by their workloads and commitments. Learning the effects of sleep, stress, and diet on your academic performance is a must!

Getting to Know your Professors

Dartmouth professors are one of the most important resources on Dartmouth’s campus, and it is important to feel comfortable approaching these faculty members. You may need extra help in a difficult class, want to discuss academic planning, or seek recommendations from your professors, so come to this ASC workshop and learn how to use office hours effectively, what to discuss with professors, and when to approach them.

Managing Your Time

Dartmouth students are always busy! First-year students have found organizations and classes they enjoy, sophomores are deciding their majors, juniors are preparing for senior year, and seniors are preparing for graduation. The Managing Your Time workshop can help you with your short-term and long-term planning so that you have a successful term and successful college experience.