Current Courses Supported

We target courses that meet the following criteria: course enrollment size of 30+, a steppingstone to the major/minor, an introductory course (no prerequisites), and/or a history of high demand for tutoring based on our records from the past 3 academic years. 


  • Courses that meet the criteria are selected each term after the timetable is published. 
  • Faculty are notified and invited to share Peer Tutor Recommendations.
  • Peer Tutors are recruited and trained during the first week of classes.
  • Peer Tutoring begins as soon as the Sunday of the second week of classes.
  • Registration to participate in Peer Tutoring is ongoing throughout the term. 

Peer Tutoring Courses for this Term

*Tentative* List of 24S Peer Tutoring Courses*

Peer Tutoring dependent on tutor applications, faculty approval, and/or demand.


Subj Num Title Instructor(s)
BIOL 12 Cell Structure and Function Bing He, Dipon Ghosh
CHEM 6 General Chemistry David Glueck
CHEM 11 General Chemistry Katherine Mirica
CHEM 51 Organic Chemistry Jacquelyne Read
CHEM 52 Organic Chemistry Wendy Epps
COSC 1 Intro Programming&Computatn Andrew Campbell
COSC 10 ProbSolving:Object-Oriented Alberto Quattrini Li
ECON 1 The Price System All
ECON 10 Intro Statistical Methods Yaroslav Mukhin
ECON 20 Econometrics Ha Yan Lee
ECON 21 Microeconomics All
ECON 22 Macroeconomics James Feyrer
FREN 1 Introductory French I All
FREN 2 Introductory French II All
FREN 3 Intermediate French All
GERM 2 Introductory German cont. All
GERM 3 Introductory German cont. All
GOVT 5 International Politics All
GOVT 10 Quantit Political Analysis Sean Westwood
GOVT 16/QSS 17 Data Visualization Yusaku Horiuchi
LAT 2 LAT 2 All
LAT 3 LAT 3 All
LING 1   All
MATH 8 Calc Func One/Sev Variable All
MATH 10 Introductory Statistics All
MATH 13 Calc of Vector-Valued Fctns All
PHYS 14 Introductory Physics II All
PSYC 1 Introductory Psychology Kiara Sanchez, Tor Wager
PSYC 10 Exp Design & Methodology Samantha Wray
SPAN 1 Spanish I All
SPAN 2 Spanish II All
SPAN 3 Spanish III All

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