E-Resources for Academic Success

For effective learning strategies, especially remote learning advice, visit our blog, regularly updated by the Academic Skills Center interns.


  • Here is the link to the blog, which will feature tips for remote learning.
  • Here is the link to the e-guide, which can be found on the blog.

The following is a preview of the blog:

More Helpful Study Resources

23W Term Planner

  • Using your syllabi and other important dates, give yourself a long-range view of your time this term.

Active Study Strategies

  • With active studying, you'll find that you have a stronger chance of retaining, retrieving, and manipulating the information on exam day.

Test Prep Plan

  • Think through what you're likely to encounter on upcoming exams.

Post-Exam Analysis

  • Use information from past exams to review your study strategies and exam preparation to improve for your next exam.

Take a Break Bingo

  • Low-tech, energizing study break.