Message From the Staff

Dear First-Years & New Transfer Students

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) helps Dartmouth students maximize their academic potential.

The transition from high school learning to college learning is substantial for all students.

To help with your individual transition, we suggest you:

  • Presume that Dartmouth courses will be more challenging. More information, tests, papers, assignments
  • Appreciate your adjustment to college life will include not only more rigorous classes but also a new environment (place, people, activities)
  • Learn the strategies, skills, techniques, as well as use the resources, that can ensure your academic achievement

So, what can help you make the transition? Here are three tips.

1. Create (write out) clear, concrete, and measurable academic and personal goals

Why are you coming to Dartmouth? What do you hope to achieve? What are your first term academic and co-curricular goals?

2. Create a time management schedule

Dartmouth's ten week terms go very quickly. It's important for you to get a good start, sustain a regular study schedule, and to balance your classes and learning with exercise, good eating habits, quality sleep, and social activities. A schedule can help you achieve that work/learning/life balance. Click here for additional time management resources.

3. Review the E-guide: Academic Success at Dartmouth

Here are some important additional resources, which are free to students.

Want to learn more about the ASC?

If you are a new student who wants to learn more about how the ASC can help you, schedule a meeting to discuss ASC Services & Resources!

You may also call (603) 646-2014 or email us.


From the Academic Skills Center Staff