General Study Tips

These are study tips for any subject. See the navigation bar for study tips specific to certain topics.


In-Class Study Strategies: Tips to help you adapt to class style (lecture and seminar), increase class participation, and actively engage within the classroom. 

 Active Study Strategies: Improve retention of course material and increase recall speed with these fun, interactive study methods. Activities can be completed alone or with any study partner, even someone who is not in your class! Paper version 


Post-Exam Analysis: Create an in-depth assessment of your performance on a past exam to devise a strategic plan for future exams. Pro-tip: Complete this resource before completing the Test Prep Plan.

Test Prep Plan: Evaluate exam parameters and resources. Caetegorize exam materials by order of difficulty. Develop a multi-step plan that enables you to actively engage with materials from most-to-least challenging in the days/week leading up to the exam. 


Take a Break Bingo: Mindful breaks to keep you focused, connected, and energized during your test prep. Paper Version

Mindful Study Breaks: Campus events to keep you refreshed and energetic during finals prep: yoga, sleep meditations, crafts, self-care, and more! 


Free yourself from test jitters - 2 meditations to help you find your center before and during an exam

Stress Better Challenge - A 10 day program to help you mindfully manage stress. Don't have 10 days? That's okay! Try the strategies that will help you right now.

Headspace - Improve focus, reduce stress, and learn how to stay centered with this app - Free for all Dartmouth students! 

NOTE: To make a copy of a Google Doc, select the 'File' menu from the top toolbar, then 'Make a Copy,' and rename the copy. Then select the 'Make a Copy' button at the bottom of the pop-up-box.