Studying for Math

Below are some resources for studying for math classes.

Dartmouth Resources

Academic Skills Center

If you are struggling in a math class, join group tutoring! We have tutoring groups for math classes available every term.

Dartmouth Emerging Engineers

Join Dartmouth Emerging Engineers if you are studying math as a prerequisite to an engineering course.

Other Resources

How to Succeed in Calculus (Berkeley City College)

  • Webpage, ~ 3 pages
  • General tips for taking a math class from a professor.


Math Study Skills (Swarthmore College)

  • PDF,  2 pages
  • General tips for studying for exams and doing homework.


Taking Perfect Math Notes (Study Soup)

  • Webpage, ~2 pages
  • General advice on taking notes in math class.


Tips for Success in Undergraduate Math Courses (Stanford University)

  • PDF, 3 pages
  • General tips for studying, attending lectures, and prepping for exams/accepting exam scores in a college math class from a student.


How to Survive Your College Math Class (Clemson University)

  • PDF, 17 pages
  • In depth advice on many aspects of taking a college math class from professors. These aspects include note-taking and studying, doing homework, studying and taking exams, and reading and understanding mathematics.