Studying for Math

Below are some resources for studying for math classes.

Other Resources

How to Succeed in Mathematics (Berkeley City College)

  • Webpage, ~ 3 page
  • General tips for taking a math class from a professor.


Self-Help Math Study Skills (Texas A&M University)

  • Webpage, ~ 2 pages
  • General tips for studying for exams and working on problems in math class.


Taking Perfect Math Notes (Study Soup)

  • Webpage, ~2 pages
  • General advice on taking notes in math class.


Tips for Success in Undergraduate Math Courses (Stanford University)

  • PDF, 3 pages
  • General tips for studying, attending lectures, and prepping for exams/accepting exam scores in a college math class from a student.


Success in Mathematics (Texas A&M University)

  • PDF, 5 pages
  • General tips for taking a math class, emphasizing how it is different than other classes and high school classes and how one could adjust to the differences.


How to Survive Your College Math Class (Clemson University)

  • PDF, 17 pages
  • In depth advice on many aspects of taking a college math class from professors. These aspects include note-taking and studying, doing homework, studying and taking exams, and reading and understanding mathematics.