Advising at Dartmouth

The advising system consists of a host of different resources and people that students will access at different points during their academic careers as the nature of the advice that students need changes over time.

The Advising Community

The academic advising system at Dartmouth aims to give students the ability and the resources to make intelligent and intentional academic choices that suit their own (often evolving) intellectual goals. 

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First-year Students

Students at this stage are encouraged to explore, pursue intellectual instincts, and make sure to fulfill first-year requirements.

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In the second year, the student is asked to identify their major course of study. 

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Once a student identifies a major (or multiple majors), his or her academic direction becomes clearer and more focused. 

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At this juncture, students are working to complete their majors and the general education requirements, and possibly an honors thesis.

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