Faculty project database

Guidelines and information

Online Project Database

  • Faculty interested in engaging with students in research can post projects in the database.
    • Project drafts are approved by UGAR before they are posted, but approval does not mean that projects are necessarily eligible for funding through UGAR programs.
    • Students may apply for UGAR funding to work on projects not listed in the database.
  • Projects posted in the database must provide students with meaningful faculty-mentored research experiences that provide a clear academic benefit to the student.
  • Students can search the database and then contact faculty whose projects are of interest to them.
  • Faculty are responsible for entering projects into the database and for deleting or inactivating them when they are no longer available to potential student researchers.

Writing a Project Description

  • Project descriptions should describe the research but not be overly technical or use jargon or acronyms without explanations.
  • The description should identify the role of the student, the skills and knowledge to be developed, and the qualifications (or lack of) required.
  • Projects need not be contained within an academic term. Many projects are "works in progress" as part of a larger research effort.
  • It is recommended that the project description not contain references to specific programs (like Presidential Scholars) unless you will only work with students in that specific program.

Accessing the System

  • Log in using your Dartmouth Net ID and password (if you do not know your Dartmouth Net ID, you may look it up here).
  • In the top right corner click the tab called "My Projects." All project review and editing are accessed by clicking the "My Projects" link.
  • If you do not have a "My Projects" tab, contact UGAR and request to be added to the Undergraduate Research Projects Database. Please include your Net ID in that email (HBs and phone numbers are pulled directly from the DND). 
  • If you do not meet the criteria for eligibility to supervise undergraduates in research, UGAR will need approval from the relevant dean or department chair before giving you access to post projects in the database.

Adding a New Project

  • Click “New Project Draft.”
  • Enter project information in the fields provided (please remember to enter your Department, Division, Project Title and Description).
  • Click “Create” at the bottom of the page.
  • A draft of your project will appear. At this point, the draft of the project is saved, but is unpublished. You may stop editing and exit the system, and the draft will remain for you to re-access and edit again later. 
  • Click “edit” to continue editing the project information.
  • Click “Submit for Review” to submit the project. (Once a project is submitted for review, it cannot be accessed or edited until it has been reviewed by the Undergraduate Research Office).
  • You will be notified when we have reviewed and either published or returned your project.

Activating and Editing an Inactive Project

  • Click on the "Inactive" link under "Live Status."
  • Click "Create Draft" in the top left corner.
  • Make edits, if needed.
  • Click "Create" in the top right corner.
  • Click "Submit for Review" in the "Project Information" section.

Inactivating or Editing an Active Project

  • Click on the “Active” link under “Live Status.”
  • Click “Make Inactive” to inactivate the project. It will not be viewable online, but it will still be saved and accessible to you in the system.
  • Click “Create Draft” to edit the project listing. The previous version of the project will remain viewable until the edited draft has been published. If you do NOT want the previous version viewable while you edit the project, you should first Inactivate the project, then make edits.
  • Edit the draft as needed.
  • Click "Update Project" to view the edited draft.
  • Click "Submit for Review" to submit the project.