How to apply

Be sure to read this page carefully (as well as the program information page) before beginning the application process as there have been changes to the program

Eligibility and selection

To be eligible for the program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Sophomore standing (completed 3-6 terms of enrollment by the end of winter term)
  • Major declaration complete or in progress
  • Strong academic record (GPA is a factor in selection)
  • Faculty mentor with expertise in the area who is committed to mentoring the student

The following factors are considered in the selection process:

  • Academic achievement and promise
  • Intellectual engagement in and out of the classroom
  • Plan for utilizing the enrichment fund
  • Leadership potential
  • Character

Application timeline

Applications are reviewed by a committee of Dartmouth faculty and staff who will select semi-finalists for in-person interviews. After the interviews, the names of the finalists will be forwarded to the national Stamps Scholars Program for additional interviews and final selection. In the timeline below, the dates for interviews by the Dartmouth committee and the Stamps Scholars Program are approximate.

Application timeline:

  • Submission of the recommendation request form (student): February 8
  • Submission of application materials (student and faculty): February 15
  • Selection of semi-finalists for interviews: mid-to-late March
  • Interviews of semi-finalists by campus selection committee: late March or early April
  • Notifications of finalists: by mid-April
  • Interviews of finalists by Stamps Scholars Strive Foundation: late April into early May
  • Notification of final scholar selections: By mid-May

Application process

There are 2 parts to the application process. Links to the online application forms will be available by the start of winter term.

1) Faculty mentor recommendation (primary mentor only)

  • The student must submit the online recommendation request form at least one week before the application deadline: recommendation request form
  • When the student submits this form, the faculty mentor will receive an email with a link to the recommendation form
  • Faculty respond to a series of prompts on the form (they do NOT submit a standard letter of recommendation)
  • Be sure to follow up with your faculty mentor to make sure he/she received the email and is aware of the application deadline

2) Student application

  • Online application form (basic background and project information)
  • Attachments submitted via the online application form:
    • Written proposal (see instructions below)
    • Resume
    • Transcript (unofficial version from DartHub): select "Unofficial Transcript - PDF version" on your DartHub menu

Guidelines for the written proposal

Your proposal should be approximately 4-6 pages (double-spaced) and organized in three sections as outlined below.  Use subheadings or numbers to delineate the sections and be sure to address the elements listed for each section.

Sections 1 and 2 must be written in narrative form -- DO NOT format these sections as a series of questions and answers or set of bullet points. Section 3 can be written either in narrative form or as a set of bullet points or subsections.

  1. Plan for the two years of the program
    • What is the topic or overarching theme?
    • What elements do you plan to incorporate (research, internships, conferences, etc.)?
    • How does your plan relate to your intended major and/or minor and to specific courses you have taken or plan to take?
    • How will you engage with your faculty mentor(s) throughout the project? 
    • How does your faculty mentor's expertise relate to your plan? (If you have worked with or taken classes with your mentor, please note this.)
    • If applicable, discuss relevant literature or previous findings
    • How would the Stamps Scholars program enhance your overall academic experience?
    • How would you plan to use the funding available through the program? (provide a summary but not an itemized budget)
  2. Preparation
    • How has your background in academics and/or other areas prepared you for this?
    • What is your plan for gaining any other relevant background skills or knowledge that you do not currently have?
  3. Other considerations:
    • Do you anticipate any language and/or cultural barriers?
    • Are there any potential safety concerns?
    • Will you need to complete any training or certifications?
    • Anything else you feel is relevant to your plan?

Guidelines for the timeline

Submit your timeline as a word document or as a PDF:

  • List your Stamps Scholar plans by term for "sophomore summer" through graduation
  • If you plan to engage in your topic/project during interim periods, include these in your timeline
  • If there are one or more terms in which you do not plan to be engaged in the Stamps Scholars program for any reason, note that in the timeline

We are unable to confirm receipt of application materials so please do not ask.  We will contact you after the deadline if any of your materials are missing.