Current Stamps Scholars

Scholars are selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates based on academic engagement, intellectual curiosity, and strong preparation to pursue their academic passions.


Priyanshu Alluri, 2026
Epigenomic transcriptomic modeling with multi-omic data via graph neural networks
Faculty mentors: Soroush Vosoughi, Computer Science and Xiaofeng Wang, Medicine

Mia Compton-engle, 2026
Rivers on fire: Igniting river-community connection and environmental justice
Faculty mentors: Coleen Fox, Geography and Christopher Sneddon, Environmental Studies

Josue Godeme, 2026
Aja language preservation: Digital archive & revitalization project
Faculty mentor: Rolando Coto-Solano, Linguistics

Corey Huebner, 2026
The use of music in coping with climate trauma in the Arctic
Faculty mentors: Ross Virginia, Environmental Studies and Theodore Levin, Music

Elan Kluger, 2026
The Israeli Counter-Enlightenment: Revisionist and Religious Zionism
Faculty mentors: Darrin McMahon, History and Susannah Heschel, Religion

Anika Larson, 2026
Comparing community based addiction care across the rural American West, Midwest, and Northeast
Faculty mentors: Elizabeth Carpenter-Song and Ellen Kozelka, Anthropology

Yifei Liu, 2026
Research and making of contemporary puppetry
Faculty mentor: Michael Ganio, Theater

Rihanna Smith, 2026
Racial Bias in Artificial Intelligence models and the new 21st century redlining
Faculty mentor: Peter Mucha, Mathematics

Vedant Tapivala, 2026
Deciphering the liver-brain axis in Alzheimer's Disease
Faculty mentor: Arti Gaur, Medicine

Divik Verma, 2026
Diamond-based quantum sensors for nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging
Faculty mentor: Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Physics


Carson C. Goh, 2025
Redistricting and democracy: The Impact of Independent Redistricting Commissions
Faculty mentor: Jason Barabas, Government

Tate Greene, 2025
Renegotiating the TVA: America's 'National Proving Ground' for Energy Policy
Faculty mentor: Bethany Moreton, History

Ella E. Grim, 2025
Genevieve Taggard and early 20th century poetic networks
Faculty mentors: Jessica Beckman, English and Colleen Boggs, English

Alexander W. Joel, 2025:
The Impact of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine on Post-Soviet Frozen Conflicts
Faculty mentor: William Wohlforth, Government

Elizabeth (Shuxuan) Li, 2025
Behavioral and Neural Investigations of Brain Lateralization in Face Perception
Faculty mentor: Brad Duchaine, Psychology

Nadine Lorini Formiga, 2025
Theorizing Energy Justice in Brazil and Chile: The Need for Just Energy Transitions
Faculty mentors: Sarah Kelly, Geography and Maron Greenleaf, Anthropology

Brandon Mioduszewski, 2025
A visual ethnography of herbalists in rural Vermont
Faculty mentors: Eman Morsi, Comparative Literature and Maron Greenleaf, Anthropology

Catherine S. Nemeskal, 2025
Development of Neurobiological Therapies for Social Dysfunction and Neuropsychiatric Illness
Faculty mentors: Kyle Smith, Psychology and Jon Cavanaugh, Psychology and Brain Sciences

Zachary D. Shortt, 2025
Utilizing Ectomycorrhizal Inoculation for Southern California Oak Tree Restoration
Faculty mentor: Caitlin Hicks Pries, BIOL

Tristan E. Wells, 2025
Bison-Mediated Dispersal in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Faculty mentor: Bala Chaudhary, Environmental Science