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The 2024 Stamps Symposium

Celebrating the work of the Senior Stamps Scholars

Stamps Seniors at the 2024 Symposium

7 students standing in a line with their Stamps Scholars medallions celebrating the culmination of their 2-year research proposal.
Scholars featured from left to right: Jess Chiriboga, Christian Beck, Ningning Sun, Kat Arrington, Nikolaos Vichos, Manu Onteeru, and Ellie Sullivan.
Selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates based on academic engagement, intellectual curiosity, and strong preparation to pursue their academic passions

Congratulations to the new Stamps Scholars


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Priyanshu Alluri, 2026
Epigenomic transcriptomic modeling with multi-omic data via graph neural networks
Faculty mentors: Soroush Vosoughi, Computer Science and Xiaofeng Wang, Medicine

Mia Compton-engle, 2026
Rivers on fire: Igniting river-community connection and environmental justice
Faculty mentors: Coleen Fox, Geography and Christopher Sneddon, Environmental Studies

Josue Godeme, 2026
Aja language preservation: Digital archive & revitalization project
Faculty mentor: Rolando Coto-Solano, Linguistics

Corey Huebner, 2026
The use of music in coping with climate trauma in the Arctic
Faculty mentors: Ross Virginia, Environmental Studies and Theodore Levin, Music

Elan Kluger, 2026
The Israeli Counter-Enlightenment: Revisionist and Religious Zionism
Faculty mentors: Darrin McMahon, History and Susannah Heschel, Religion

Anika Larson, 2026
Comparing community based addiction care across the rural American West, Midwest, and Northeast
Faculty mentors: Elizabeth Carpenter-Song and Ellen Kozelka, Anthropology

Yifei Liu, 2026
Research and making of contemporary puppetry
Michael Ganio, Theater

Rihanna Smith, 2026
Racial Bias in Artificial Intelligence models and the new 21st century redlining
Faculty mentor: Peter Mucha, Mathematics

Vedant Tapivala, 2026
Deciphering the liver-brain axis in Alzheimer's Disease
Faculty mentor: Arti Gaur, Medicine

Divik Verma, 2026
Diamond-based quantum sensors for nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging
Faculty mentor: Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, Physics