Advising resources for students

A Community of Advisors

You have a community of advisors available to you at Dartmouth who will help you plan your college career: your faculty advisor, the deans in the Office of the Deans of Undergraduate Students, those of us in the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research, and many others. The role of these advisors (your faculty advisor, your professors, your deans, etc.) is to offer the perspective and the insight that comes with our knowledge of academia and of Dartmouth College.

We can be a sounding board. We can help you identify your goals. We can help you locate the information to specific questions. We are available to discuss your curricular choices as you seek to connect your academic choices to your intellectual passions and life goals. But ultimately, your decisions about your college career are your own, and it is wise to be informed.

To that end, we have compiled here information relevant to your first and second years - that period of your college career during which you will explore your many options at the same time that you identify the course of study (i.e., the major) appropriate for your individual interests and ambitions.