The Advising Community

The academic advising system at Dartmouth aims to give students the ability and the resources to make intelligent and intentional academic choices that suit their own (often evolving) intellectual goals. 

About Advising

The community of Dartmouth faculty, administrators, and staff understand that one of their key responsibilities is the advising of students.

The system is decentralized by design. The enormous range of available opportunities means that no single person has mastery of all the possible paths or options; for example, a student should seek advice about possible internships from a different source than advice about what classes to take in any given term. Thus, students won't have a single advisor throughout their entire time at Dartmouth, though at any given time they may rely on the advice of an individual person (faculty member, administrator, peer advisor) to a greater or lesser extent.

Academic advising works best when a student appreciates his or her own role in understanding the questions they have and taking the initiative to seek the advice they need.