At this juncture, students are working to complete their majors and the general education requirements, and possibly an honors thesis.

Focusing on Post-Graduate Plans

Many seniors are thinking about what to do after graduation.

Faculty will serve as advisors in different capacities at this stage, perhaps advising a student in independent research or directing students about graduate work in their own field.

As students focus on their post-graduate plans, they may find the counselors in the Center for Professional Development helpful.

In all cases, the successful advising experience relies on student initiative and student engagement with their own intellectual process and the faculty and administrators who can advise and guide them.

One of the strengths of Dartmouth's campus is the close and individual relationship that students can have with members of the faculty and the non-“cookie cutter” academic experience that Dartmouth's many academic opportunities provide. But the very multiplicity and variability of the many potential academic experiences can be destabilizing for students.

In line with a tradition of liberal education, Dartmouth's goal is to foster a spirit of individual learning and a community of inquiry, and this works best when students are actively engaged in their own learning process.