Guidelines and Policies

COVID-19 Guidelines

The percentage of SAS students who are immunocompromised is higher than that at the overall College. Please help us keep the SAS community and staff who work in the Testing Center safe by adhering to the following COVID-19 guidelines, most of which algin directly with College policy.

  • Contact your professor and the Testing Center if you are feeling unwell for your scheduled test date; do not come to the Testing Center feeling poorly.
    • If you become unwell during your exam, your test will need to be discontinued and your professor notified so that you can reschedule after a negative COVID test.
  • To reduce the likelihood of a large number of individuals congregating in the Testing Center, please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your exam.
  • Masks must be properly worn at all times prior to entering and once inside the Testing Center.
    • If you happen to be the only student in an exam room, you are still required to mask.

Disposable masks are available at the Testing Center. If your mask slips down under your nose, please exit the Testing Center to tie additional knots in the ear loops to secure your mask.

Only One Reminder to Mask

If needed, students will be given one reminder to (properly) wear their masks. Students needing a second reminder will not be permitted to start their tests or will have their tests discontinued and be referred to their professors.

Check-in & Seating

You will need a picture ID to check in for your exam. You cannot be seated without an ID.             

You will be provided with your exam packet in an envelope that you will timestamp prior to being seated in your room. Inside the envelop is your exam and instructions for your professor.

Exam Start & End Times

Late Arrivals

You are expected to arrive at the Testing Center on or before your scheduled test time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the schedule start of your exam, your exam will be cancelled and returned to you instructor. If you arrive less than 15 minutes late, you will be seated with the remainder of your allotted time. You can also choose to cancel your exam and work with your instructor to reschedule it. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact a member of the Testing Center staff and we will contact your instructor for clarification.

Exam End Times

End times for exams are fixed by your instructor and in conjunction with your approved SAS accommodations. The Testing Center staff cannot alter these times, so you must turn your exam in at the established end time. You will be required to timestamp your exam end time.

Bring or Leave Home?

Testing Supplies

You are responsible for bringing all the necessary items needed for your exams. This includes pens, pencils, calculators, etc. The Testing Center does not have these items available.

Authorized Exam Materials

Only exam materials authorized by your instructor are permitted in the testing room. This information is shared by your instructor in the Alternative Testing Contract submitted to the Testing Center prior to your exam, and the Testing Center staff are obligated to follow this contract. 

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings (bags, book, notes, coats, etc.) must be stored in the cubbies in the Testing Center waiting area. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. are not permitted in the testing rooms unless authorized prior to your exam as accommodations. Otherwise, they must be turned off and stored in the cubbies. For your safety, it is best to leave all personal belongings in your dorm rooms.

Drinks and Food

Only bottled water is allowed in the Testing Center unless you have a food/drink accommodation directly related to the nature of your disability.

Relevant Principles & Standards

Please be advised that showing up late, asking to discuss alternative accommodations not part of your accommodation email, refusing to turn in an exam when instructed, and other such behaviors violate conduct and/or community standards. Because many students use the Testing Center, your behavior and adherence to Testing Center policies and procedures impacts your peers as well. The above policies and procedures were therefore developed in line with Dartmouth's Standards of Conduct as well as its Principle of Community.

As with any assessment at Dartmouth, the Academic Honor Principle applies to tests taken in the Testing Center, and any student suspected of a violation will be reported to their instructor.

Be Quiet and Considerate of Others

Please refrain from loud talking in the Testing Center and waiting area. We want to provide a quiet space for all those taking exams. Please do not linger in testing rooms, hallways, or waiting areas to converse with others after your exam is over. When in a shared testing room, please be courteous of others who are testing. 

Ear Plugs & Noise-Cancelling Headsets are Available

If you are easily bothered by ambient noise, please ask the Testing Center staff for use of a noise-cancelling headset or ear plugs at any time during the exam. Just stop by the office with your ID to check them out--it only takes a moment. 


Bathroom Breaks

You are allowed to leave the Testing Center for bathroom breaks. However, you must alert a member of the Testing Center Staff that you are leaving the area and when you return. You are not allowed to access any items you have stored in the waiting area cubbies during these breaks.

Problems Arising During the Exam

Please contact a member of the Testing Center staff immediately if have a problem with the testing room or if you have any questions regarding the information provided to you by your instructor in the exam. We will do our best to assist you.