Available to all Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff, Read&Write is an easy-to-use, intuitive toolbar add-on for PCs and Macs that supports reading, writing, studying, and research. Read&Write seamlessly integrates with Microsoft applications, PDFs, e-mail, the Internet, and other software.

Learn how to get Read&Write below, and access Read&Write learning & user resources for tutorials as needed.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

Read&Write Features

  • Hear text read aloud to improve reading comprehension, with a choice of natural voices.
  • Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries.
  • Highlight and copy text from documents and web pages to create study guides, outlines or complete assignments.
  • Supports writing skills with word prediction.
  • Turn text from documents and web pages into MP3 sound files for listening on the move.
  • Check writing mistakes with proofreading tools.

Find additional information about features and uses for Read&Write on our Comparison of Kurzweil 3000 vs. Read&Write page.