CART Services

A CART writer transcribes class material and provides a visual display of text on a student's device while they are in the classroom. This allows the student to follow along and engage in the conversation as it is happening.

On-Site CART Writer (transcriber)

The transcriber would be in the classroom, along with the CART writer's equipment. The CART writer would be able to provide the student with a URL link to the real-time transcription so that the student can view the text during class.

Remote CART

The CART writer is located away from campus, usually in another state and has real-time access to the classroom audio/dialogue (via Zoom) to transcribe the material. The writer provides the student with the URL of the real-time transcription to view the text during class in 'real-time', with a slight delay of a few seconds, a little longer if the quality of speech or the audio connection is poor.

Arranging Services

Arranging CART services with on-site or remote CART providers takes time, so we need as much lead time and info in advance in order to be properly prepared once the CART service is initiated. In order to ensure everything goes smoothly, please read the following.

Advance Access to the Class Schedule and Course Syllabi

Provide SAS with advance access to the class schedule/course syllabus and other information about field trips, room/venue changes, etc.

Advance Access to the Course Site

Provide SAS with access to the course site (Canvas* or other) so we can access pertinent material (PPT slides, class notes, etc.) covered in each class. This will allow the on-site CART writer to prep before classes, or allow us to relay the material to the remote CART writer to aid them in keeping pace and transcribing the terminology accurately during class.

If using Canvas for your course, please add our Assistive Technology email to your site as a Course Designer:

Please note that this material is only used by SAS and the CART writer and will not be distributed.

Provision of Captioned Course Media

If any videos, films, audio material, etc., are required for viewing during or outside of class, the captions will need to be viewable during class, or a captioned version will need to be located for the student. Otherwise, a captioned version of the media will need to be generated before it can be shown in the classroom.

The college provides software that can add captions to video content. You can find more information and instructions for use at Panopto.

Audio Setup

You will need to wear a mic during class: either one from the specific classroom or a separate wireless unit that we provide.

For remote CART, a staff member can get you set with the mic and remain in the classroom with a laptop and receiver (or mixer) in order to connect the audio to the CART writer, monitor the 'real-time' transcription during class, and communicate with the remote transcriber and troubleshoot as needed. Other than needing to wear a microphone, you wouldn't need to tend to any tech issues before, during or after class.

See CART in action.