Dining Accommodations

Registering with SAS

If your dietary needs stem from a diagnosed condition such as a life-threatening food allergy, celiac, a digestive disorder, or an eating disorder, please apply for services through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to request a dining accommodation. Your provider will likely want to use SAS' Verification Form to share details about your condition and dietary needs.

Registering with SAS helps to ensure that any dining and other potential accommodation needs can be met. Once you have been approved for a dining accommodation, you will work with DDS for implementation.

Relevant Timeframes

  • Incoming students with dietary needs are recommended to contact SAS and DDS no later than June 16.
  • The timeframe for SAS registration is articulated on the Apply for Services page.
  • If attending an off-campus program and you receive dining accommodaions on campus, please schedule a meeting with your SAS advisor by week 5 of the quarter beforehand.
  • All students are expected to adhere to Campus Billing deadlines associated with dining charges, and accommodations are not retroactive.