Become a Notetaker

Peer note-takers are students who are paid to take legible, accurate and comprehensive notes in a course for which they may or may not be registered.


  • Attend a mandatory note-taker training session provided by SAS.
  • Commit to the position for an entire term.
  • Provide notes as Word or PDF (if handwritten) document within 24 hours after the class.
  • Answer all clarification questions from the student who receives your notes.
  • Attend every scheduled class for which you are taking notes.
  • Complete Kronos time sheets by bi-weekly deadlines to ensure that you receive payments on time.
  • As a note-taker, you are an employee of Dartmouth College, and you will need to complete employment paperwork (W-4, etc.)


  • You will be paid per hour for class time using Kronos.
  • Your own note-taking skills (and learning) will be reinforced (or even improved).
  • It looks great on your résumé.
  • You will have access to helpful note-taking resources.
  • You get to assist other students by providing an important academic service.

Application Requirements

  • Have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • Take clear, comprehensive notes (using legible handwriting or by typing).
  • Provide us with two samples of notes as a Word or PDF file (preferably from classes similar to the one for which you are applying). We must have sample notes on record. If you have previously worked for us as a note-taker, we will use those notes as your sample notes.
  • Complete the Application Form to let us know which courses you are interested in.

Applying does not guarantee a notetaking position. It allows us to match incoming requests to students who are interested and qualified.

More information about available SAS positions can be found on Jobnet. Search "Student Accessibility Services" in the Words in Employer/Agency Name category and the corresponding term to see all open positions.