Peer Notetaking Services

Provision of notes from a peer notetaker is provided for qualifying students (determined by a SAS advisor). This service is primarily designed for real-time, non-recorded sessions (whether taught remotely or in-person), as time is often a limitation. This service is designed to supplement a student's own notetaking in their course, and is not a replacement for attendance.

It is helpful to know how the course is designed when requesting notes, as courses vary significantly. By requesting notes for appropriate courses, you can help us with providing you a timely and efficient service.

Once requested in A11y, we will be able to review and approve any matches with interested student note-takers, and reach out to the rosters and other students if there is no immediate interest from other enrolled students. As we utilize this new system, you will be able to request a notetaker (if approved for this accommodation) in the portal at any time, but our office will still be processing and approving matches during our normal business hours.