Become a Notetaker

Peer note-takers are Dartmouth students who are paid to take legible, accurate and comprehensive notes in a course for which they may or may not be registered. Only Dartmouth students are eligible for student work, and Dartmouth students must either be enrolled in courses or on a scheduled leave term.

Open Notetaking Positions - Spring 2023

  • COGS 26-01 (31091) - Philosophy and Computers; meeting time: 12
  • ECON 24-01 (31204) - Development Economics; meeting time: 10A
  • GEOG 24-01 (31358) - Ameri Landscapes/Cultures; meeting time: 11
  • JWST 42.11 (31457) (xlist HUM 03.06 and MES 17.19) - Arabs, Jews, and Modernity; meeting time: 6B
  • MUS 36-01 (31618) - Songwriting 1; meeting time: 3A
  • NAIS 15-01 (31424) (xlisted with HIST 15-01) - American Indians & American Expansion 1800-1924; meeting time: 10
  • PSYC 001-001 (31502) - Intro to Psychology; meeting time: 10
  • REL 01.08-01 (31377) - Religion of Things; meeting time: 2

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Notetaking This Term

Interested in being a notetaker this term? For the classes you are enrolled in, please consider applying to be a notetaker through DartHub. 

In DartHub, click on the icon and it will take you to the application in A11y. If you don't see the "Apply to be a Peer Notetaker" icon in DartHub, you can search for: "A11y" or "note-taker". Note: this might not be available until the current term is complete.

DartHub Notetaker Icon

apply to be a peer notetaker

If you are interested in learning about non-enrolled notetaking positions next term, please email and we can add you to the list and reach out once we have some openings.

Thank you for interest in working for Student Accessibility Services!

Requirements and Process

Each term we are looking for students to provide complete, organized, and neat notes to qualifying students with disabilities. Beginning summer 2020, we will be using an online database (A11y), where students can express interest in being a note-taker for the courses they are enrolled in, and share their notes via the same notetaker portal. Please login in to share your enrolled courses that you'd like to be considered. Selected candidates will be notified via their Dartmouth email address. If you aren't able to enter the next term's courses, you may need to wait until the desired term begins or is about to begin. If you are unable to login to the A11y portal, please let us know and we can add your profile.

Applicant Requirements

  • Have an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  • Take clear, comprehensive notes (using legible handwriting or by typing).
  • Email Notetaking with two samples of notes as a Word or PDF file (preferably from classes similar to the one for which you are applying). If you have previously worked for us as a note-taker, we will use those notes as your sample notes.
  • Able to commit to providing notes for all live/synchronous sessions of course.
  • Remote position open to eligible students: U.S. citizens, permanent residents, EAD holders, and international students with an F-1 or J-1 immigration status.

Note: Applying does not guarantee a notetaking position. It allows us to match incoming requests to students who are interested and qualified.

Hired students will be expected to complete the Canvas training course that highlights our protocols and expectations. The Canvas site will also have the appropriate forms for student employees to complete. All new and previously employed note-takers will need to complete this course, as there are many changes and required forms for all employees.


Enrolled notetakers are paid $11.50 per hour with a 2% increase each term, and non-enrolled notetakers are paid $12 per hour with a 2% increase each term. If you have previously worked for SAS as a notetaker, we will use that to calculate your increased rate for the next term of employment. Employment as an enrolled or a non-enrolled note-aker will contribute to the raise each term, and it will be reflected based on which position they are working each term. This is a great opportunity to help a fellow student and you can put it in your resume! Students that have an "R" or "L" in their D-plan for the current term are encouraged to apply! 

Enrolled note-takers

Pay rate: starting at $11.50 per hour

Estimated hours per week: .5-1

Notetakers enrolled in the course they are taking notes for (JOBNET C13969) will use Kronos to record time for completing the Canvas training course and to record the time spent reviewing and editing notes outside of the class period. This will help us with ensuring that students receive accurate, complete, and organized notes. This will be recorded as up to 30 minutes of work per course each week. Job expectations include posting each class session notes to our online database, A11y, throughout the term. This is a remote position, as most courses are ocurring remotely.

Non-Enrolled Notetaker

Pay rate: starting at $12 per hour

Estimated hours per week: 3-4

Students that are working as non-enrolled notetaker (not enrolled in the course) ( JOBNET C3853) will track the entire class period spent taking notes as it is a shift and not for credit. Non-enrolled note-takers will also track the time for the Canvas training course and the additional time spent revising notes up to 1/2 hour per course each week. Non-enrolled notetaking will still have a starting rate of $12.00 per hour and will also see a 2% raise each term worked. This is a remote position, as most courses are occuring remotely.